Monday, March 18, 2013

The Death of me (blog)

Oh goodness. Save me from myself. I've discovered Pintrest.

I've heard many-a-female mention Pintrest. I even briefly visited the site a year or so ago. I didn't think much of it, mostly due to the fact I wasn't sure how to use it or how applicable it was to my life. It seemed unnecessary and even perhaps, a waste of time. Isn't that what 90% of the internet is anyway? By twist of fate, a few weeks ago a girlfriend sat me in front of her enormous iMac screen and explained what was up with bookmarks gone wild, aka Pintrest. Since then I've been buried in a sea of never ending ideas… just when I thought I couldn't fit anymore time zapping activities into my schedule. Nope. I was wrong. So, now any leisure time has turned into scouring for recipes, interior design ideas for a future home, and an array of pointless-but-must-keep-scrolling information.

Pointless such as… Who wouldn't want to snow camp in an inflatable igloo?! And this gem… I may not have children, but I enjoy a good glow stick idea anytime!

There is credit to be given for some of the wonderful things I've found. Mostly recipes, mind you. That is the one "board" I truly intend to look back on and utilize. See… FUCK YES… and… OMFG-get-in-my-mouth.

Otherwise, my life looks either impossibly busy or very bleak as I pile on an endless to do list of fabulous things I'll never get to do, see, taste, or experience. Who can I talk to about increasing the number of hours in a day?

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