Monday, August 29, 2011

After the "hurricane" comes a beautiful day! What a disappointment Irene was. Was hoping to be frightened at least a little...

Beach driftwood photoshoot (pic)

The mosquitos certainly had their way with me that day, but it was worth it. :)

Tie me up (blog and pics)

Just a few days ago I did my first bondage photo shoot. I was unsure what to expect, as I've never been tied up. I was a bit worried I'd feel weird or frightened, or just totally uncomfortable. The truth is, it felt rather normal! Kind of enjoyed it, actually. Sure, it was more of a challenge maneuvering and posing with ropes wrapped around my arms, chest, and legs... but it challenged me, and I like to be challenged.

I don't know how many different styles of roping were done, but the woman who did tie me up (four separate times) had been doing bondage for over 9 years. The ropes were rather beautiful. Neatly layered and tied. I should have paid more attention to how she was doing it, but we were talking the whole time. Next time I'm going to tell her to show me what she is doing as she ties me, so I can pick up a new skill. Hog tie men! Muahahaa!

My favorite thing was the marks the ropes left on my skin when we were done. Some pictures... :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

This girl geek needs a Mac computer! For every dollar you contribute, you will receive one sexy nude photo. (follow link for photo)

Want as many nude photos of me as you can handle? Wish that starbust wasn't in the way? Take a look at my Chipin Page... an enticing offer awaits. For every dollar you contribute, you will receive one sexy, sure to get you hot, nude photo. (i.e. you send $100 donation, you receive 100 nude photos) After you send a donation, please send a tweet to @femmeeden to let me know. :)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

If you aren't following me on Twitter or Facebook, you're missing out. Shame!

Cheetah. Rawr! ...or purr if you prefer. ;) (pic)


Watch me. You know you wanna. (vid)

Femme_Eden_Little_Bit.wmv Watch on Posterous

Things That Tickle Me Pink (blog)

Kittens (Soft, warm, cute, cuddly, what more could you ask for?)

Baths (The more bubbles the merrier!)

Offline Tips (

Modeling (Photoshoots really put me in a good mood, a natural high.)

Crème Brulee (Nuff said.)

Road Trips (FTW!)

Fluffy Comforters (Down Baby!)

Cereal (Specifically Peanut Butter Puffins, Crispix)

Lady Kisses (I like me some womens too!)

Bulky Sweaters (Put me in some panties and a sweater and I melt.)

Snowy Mountains (Let it snow!)

Cupcakes (Mmmmmm)

Dubstep (Whomp Whomp Whomp)


FREE Chat Friday night. Details and photo follows...

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Titty express coming straight to your computer screen.

Friday, August 19th 5pm PST / 8pm EST, I'll be taking over at for a special one night only FREE chat event. All you need to see me is a FREE OnHerCam account, no strings attached. You can chat with me, request things of me, and do all around devious things with me. It will look something like the photo below, but with ya know, some movement, shakin, lickin & smackin. Be there or be... left empty handed.

See you scoundrels there.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen... Femme does play chef sometimes. Mmmm


Did a photoshoot here yesterday. Can't wait to share pics when is ready.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Here to teach you a lesson. (pic)


What are your thoughts on polyamory? Ever dabbled? :) If you're interested at all read "Ethical Slut." Strange title I know, but good book!.

Femme Eden plays with sun rays (video)

Femme_Eden_Beach.wmv Watch on Posterous

Blood, Sweat, and Tears... (OK maybe not the blood and tears so much.) (Blog)

I did it! I painted the ugly electric fireplace. It took a lot of sweat and even burnt the tops of my shoulders in the process (pesky sun rays), but I am quite pleased with the result. Also, the massive amounts of spraypaint from primer and paint color made me pretty loopy over the last couple days. Was covered in spray paint by the end of it. No matter, I still felt like a warrior princess. ;)

It's not 100% done, as I still have to repaint the metal frame that attaches to the metal works. Looks much better, and much less dreary. More girly, hehe... which I've been wanting. For some reason, a lot of my furniture is very masculine. Working on departing from that...

Here is a photo, before and after. Now to get working on that headboard...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss me? Well maybe you ought to take a look at this scintillating video... (link)


No makeup. No frills. No pretenses. No pretending. 9 minutes of rolling around on bed, full nude and horny as hell.

Click here to view...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tease in the woods. (pic)

Missing the cooler weather...

Happy #MirrorMonday (pic)


Broken Things (blog)

Do you ever have that week where it seems as if all your electronics are breaking? I swear it comes in waves in my home. Maybe I'm too close to some sort of magnetic field. Magneto!? Last week my phone was glitching, Adobe Creative Suites decided to crap out on me, my desktop computer said “Hi, your solid state drive is no longer kosher for me to access,” my DVR stopped working in the middle of new recordings and live TV, the wires fell out of my car speakers and the subwoofer is busted... making a thumping noise. What the...? This all happened in two days. Am I being punished? Smite-ed? Sure seems like it...

On a similar note, as I've been trying to repair all these issues I'm assimilating new skills. Usually, that's how it goes. Something breaks, I have no idea how to fix it, I learn a completely new skill set in order to solve the problem... until the next thing breaks. Sometimes I feel like throwing everything in the garbage and holding onto the bare essentials. My possessions can all get too stressful! Sounds bratty, I know... but it's TRUE.

You may want to go dumpster diving in my neighborhood before to long. You might find some valuables. :P

Thursday, August 4, 2011

On all fours... (pic)


About to get online in a tiny pink skirt. Come find me.

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Deco-lution (blog)

I've recently gone on a home renovation binge. Doesn't sound very exciting for you men folk perhaps, but it certainly whets my whistle. :)

I've been thinking of interesting ideas to implement around my space. Like... what can I do to enhance all the best parts of my coffee table, and replace all the ugly parts? The top is upholstered in a black pleather, and the bottom is a nice base of dark wood. I've been thinking; How cool would it be if I had a glass case on the top instead of the pleather? The kind of glass case that has a hinged door so you can place things inside. Cool idea, right? So... where does one find such a thing?

This process of trying to creatively enhance my space, rather than simply buying new furniture or decorations has turned me into a bit of a detective. On clue leads me to the next. I've got a raging clue! (If you know what that's from, you're awesome.)

Project #1... refinish the ugly dark wood electric fireplace. Hmmmm. Any suggestions?


Monday, August 1, 2011

A little blue lace never hurt anyone. (pic)


Android... you hurt so good. (blog)

Android Phone Update!

I've developed a love/hate relationship with my new phone. Sometimes I want to kiss it, sometimes I want to smack it. I spent three solid days from wake to sleep on the phone, rooting, installing, customizing, and other things. It actually felt odd when I finally emerged from my apartment to get a bite to eat. The outside air felt unfamiliar.

My main issues came from a few details that were some of the key reasons I bought the phone. First of all, Virgin Mobile decided to lock the phone down... but I took care of that rather quickly. Rooted, baby. Secondly, Skype is not offering video calling on the phone yet. I say YET, but who knows when that will be? The entire reason I bought this phone WAS for video calling on Skype. You can imagine my frustration. There is a work around, but it involves a detailed process that worries me a bit. Also, the mere fact I can't turn on the LED at the same time as the camcorder really pushes my buttons. If I'm going to do something that might damage my hardware, I'm willing to accept the consequences. Don't baby me.

Aside from those facts, I've run into other issues like not being able to turn off the soft key lights when charging at my bedside. Yes there is an app for this, but why the hell would I want to start an app every time I simply want the phone to NOT blind me when sleeping? This lack of customization on the standard Android OS I'm quite disappointed in. Are you listening Android?

On the plus side it's been really nice having such a beautiful screen, an ample camera, and fast everything. Social networking is a breeze, and I'm loving my choice of fun apps in the Android Market. Vignette, ftw!

Anyway... It's a work in progress...