Monday, March 11, 2013

Panama City. The verdict.

Panama. It's a city of contrasts, both in people and surroundings. It's vibrant and lush. It's dirty and clean, all at the same time. Decrepit slums exist within a stones throw from multimillion dollar homes. In short, it's a hot mess… and I like it!

I spent the majority of time exploring culinary delights and apartment shopping, but from what I can tell about my soon to be new home… I will never be bored. Apart from the usual consumer driven fare, the landscape is diverse and the adventures are numerous.

One particular day my friends and I decided to make our way to a ferry that would shuttle us to a nearby island. We expected to spend the day at a tropical oasis. Instead, we missed the ferry, took a taxi to the closest beach and proceeded to traverse the muddy low tide landscape in order to make it to water. As we walked across the mud the onlooking locals laughed and giggled at the silly gringos. Little did we know this was considered one of the worst beaches in Panama. I can confidently attest to this. After nearly all were covered in mud, bitten by small crabs hiding under dirt, and a foot was lacerated by a sharp hidden rock we turned back and walked to shore. Well, one of us hobbled with a bleeding foot anyway. After sanitizing the wound and drinking cold fresh coconut water straight from the coconut, we took a taxi back to our rental penthouse. Defeated, but with lasting memories… possibly lasting bacterial infections.

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