Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tasty Delights... or lack there of. (blog)

A few nights ago I wandered into a local grocery store at 2am with a female friend. We were searching for tasty delights. Our mouths and stomachs had an unusual craving for something salty, sweet, fatty… didn't really matter. These cravings, sometimes referred to as munchies, can make journey's such as this challenging.

After wandering the aisles in search for the perfect item for satiety a lightbulb appeared over head and read "Pirate Booty." Delicious, crunchy, corny, salty, healthy goodness. With that, we went in search of the snack aisle.

When we arrived at said aisle both sides had been strung with yellow caution taped and a woman was diligently mopping. She was unamused by our apparent disbelief that we were not allowed into the snack aisle. Under normal states of mind I would have kindly asked the woman if she could fetch a bag of Pirate Booty but with a mind swimming in herbal remedies, I was perplexed.

These were the facts: I was hungry. There was Pirate Booty in the store. There was caution tape blocking access. I was on the other side.

I could not properly formulate a plan to solve this problem. It seemed unsurmountable. So, female friend and I walked toward the bakery. It was here we had our summit, attempting to solve this pressing issue. And it was here we found a very large container of cookie samples. As we stood there devising a plan we unknowingly consumed the container of samples. When this realization of satiety was reached, we left hastily with many giggles. Never to return again. I'll never know if that woman is still there swinging her mop from side to side, keeping the delinquents from their tasty delights.


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