Monday, February 18, 2013

Ra-tat-tat! (blog and photos)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visit Las Vegas. I wrote a quick blog about it, but failed to mention one of the coolest things that happened. Little 'ol me shot a gun for the first time. In fact, had the pleasure of stroking 4 separate guns. I can't recall what the names were but could tell you how big or small and how shiny or dull each one was.

It's hard to forget the shock of feeling the power of a gun for the first time. The first photo attached below shows my first attempt with a hand gun. After the first bullet left the gun I laughed in shock, turned to the assistant to my right, and said "Oh my goodness!" I'm a feminine cliche. :)

I proceeded to shoot off another handgun and a couple larger guns, but preferred the last gun most of all… the sniper (picture below). The hand guns were jarring and harder to control, sort of like sandpaper. The sniper rifle was like silk. Smooth, calm, sexy, and easy. Managed to hit quite a few bulls eyes with that one.

And of course, I wore pearls. Hehe.

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