Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ladies... this one is for you. How to have better orgasms. (blog)

So, I read a lot. And in my recent textual adventures I came across what are called "PC Exercises." I've only been doing them for a few weeks, but I can definitely tellt he difference when the big "O" happens. Try these out for awhile... but be diligent abotu sticking to a schedule. Otherwise, you might not get worthwhile results. (If you need help identifying your PC muscle read here...


<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --> Exercise Type: PC Flex

Squeeze and release your PC muscle at the rate of your heartbeat, which means hold it each time for about a second. Start with 20 contractions twice a day, and build up to at least 75 per set. When you can easily do 75 contractions twice a day, add the PC Clench.



Exercise Type: PC Clench

Practice clenching your PC while inhaling. By clenches, we mean holding the squeeze for a longer period of time. Some experts say 3 seconds, some say 6, some say 15. Maybe they're all correct, so we suggest you start with 3 and work up to 15 seconds per clench.

To do clenches, inhale and clench you PC, holding it tightly. Then push out and relax for the same amount of time before your next clench. Repeat this cycle 20 times twice a day at first. As with flexes, build up reps to 75 reps twice a day.

For women, it's very important to spend time on the push-out. Use the instructions above, and inhale, push out, hold for 3-6 seconds. Do the push-out variation of the clench as many times as the pulling-in.


Exercise Type: PC Flutters

This practice is basically the same as the first one (PC Flexes), except it's faster. To do flutters, you contract and relax your PC as fast as you can. At first, you may not be able to go much faster than your heartbeat, but with practice, you can speed up the squeeze and release. We suggest you don't count these but just work up to fluttering for several normal breaths before relaxing totally. Doing 20 sets of these twice a day should be great. When you can flutter like a bird, add PC Clamps.


Exercise Type: PC Clamps

PC Clamps are simply long clenches. Work up to holding your clench for two minutes, 20 times each set. Remember to relax completely at length between these long clamps, and stop for a few minutes if you start to hurt or get sore.

Add pelvic weights after this.

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