Monday, January 7, 2013

Hibbity Hobbity.

The Hobbit.

Saw it. Thought it was OK. Loved Bilbo. He made the movie palatable. Of course the entire thing was beautiful, acting was well done, and beaucoup bucks must have been spent on those special effects, but the movie lacked in the most important part… story! Since the book has been split in to three separate movies there was a lot of "battle fill." Long stretches of unnecessary battle scenes that seemed to drag on for days. I enjoy good battle scenes, but when they are there for lack of story my eyes begin to roll.

Can't decide what I thought of the two musical numbers either. I suppose they must be in there for some important reason or another, but it was odd seeing a mini musical when all other LOTR movies had not such a thing.

Side note: Did anyone ever see the original Hobbit cartoon from the 70s? AWESOME. Check it out if you haven't!

Here is to hoping that the following two movies have a bit more substance!

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