Thursday, December 27, 2012

Acro Yes!

Last week one of my oldest friends came to town. We had a fantastic dinner and went for ice cream. Then, somehow we got onto the subject of "Acro Yoga." If you've not heard of this type of yoga it is a cross between regular yoga and Cirque du Soleil. Acro yoga requires a couple, usually male and female, and one partner stays on his back and the other twirls around overhead. Seeing as how I used to be a gymnast I thought, let's try some moves! My friend had been practicing acro yoga with another partner, so he knew what to do for the most part.

We started with a couple easy poses then eventually moved into this… did the full sequence until about 35 seconds in… ( which took some time, but we got it! My back has not been stretched that well in a long time. It felt amazing, while at the same time my muscles were really reaching their limit. There is something really cool about using another person as a jungle gym. Seriously fun!

Check out this amazing couple. Blows my mind!

I've gotta find someone to do this with regularly! Who wants to be my jungle gym?


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