Monday, December 12, 2011

Good News! New Digs! (blog)

A few months ago I posted a blog about looking for an apartment in a near-by city. I had already begun the apartment search way ahead of schedule, which should signal to you just how excited I am to get out of my current building. There isn't really anything overtly wrong where I'm living, I just don't vibe with the place. It's a somewhat older building (built in 1982) and hasn't been taken care of very well. While the apartment is huge, I don't really need all the space. So, I'm opting to downsize into a nicer, more modern, more metropolitan apartment. 


The apartment I'm living in currently, which is basically in a large patch of woods, is full of young families. The neighborhood park where screaming children can be heard all afternoon is directly next to my unit. Not exactly my cup of tea. I'm much more at home with car horns and ambulances. My new place was built in the late 2000's and is smack dab in the middle of a decent size city. 


After a little panic session on Tuesday when they only had two apartments available coming this January (that fit my requirements) I took a visit and found the perfect apartment. So, when I return home from the holidays in late January I'll be moving into my new place! Yippee! Expect a photo tour when I've settled in, which knowing me, will probably be within 48 hours of moving everything inside. ;)



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