Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifting the gift at gift giving time. (blog)

I'm sure Christmas shopping has been weighing on many people's minds, and if you're like me.. you don't like perusing multiple stores only to have driven all over town with an empty trunk. 


I am known as a perfect gift giver. To uphold my reputation, is a lot of pressure, man. Without the internet, I'd be a lost little shopping sheep. Luckily, I've culminated an arsenal of websites where the perfect gift can usually be found. I'll disperse a few of those to you now...


My first stop:

Seeing as how most of my friend and family are as geeky as me, I can generally find just the right gift here. Even if you're searching for the non-geek in your life, there is an array of other equally fun gifts for the science/videogame/gadget impaired.


Then I peruse on over to:

This website has a wider selection of gifts to choose from that aren't so “niche.” If you can't tell I like to gift fun (some may say childish, pfft) presents to those close to me. 


If I've failed on those two fronts I try:

If you can't find a special t-shirt, bag, water bottle, laptop case, etc... that will make that special someone laugh, then you're doing Christmas wrong. For instance, my science geek friend might enjoy this one.


Good luck hunting!

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