Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm going (going) back (back) to Cali (Cali).

So, a little over a week later I've taken the 6 hour flight BACK to California. Coast to coast to coast to coast. Whew. I'm becoming accustomed to being in the air. "Yes, please... I would love a ginger ale." I'm becoming a pro at flight. Even making the most of my time with self shot photo and video sets in the on board restroom, hehe. THAT is fun and highly recommended as a way to pass the time... if only I had someone to share that time with me. Hint hint.


It's back to southern California for Turkey and family. Less of a work trip and more of a vacation... if family time can be considered vacation. Either way, I'm excited to relax a bit and possibly even have a spa day with Mommy. :) I do have one responsibility while I'm there. One of those rare “fun” responsibilities. I have to (get to) drive 2 hours one afternoon for a photo shoot near the coast. The photographer is master pin-up photographer, and by pin-up I mean old school. Think modern 50's pin-up. Extremely excited about this, because I'm such a fangirl, even if the style has become cliché. Besides, I've got the perfect outfits to rock this shoot. Bring it on.

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