Monday, November 7, 2011

California Rush (blog)

Hello gents, and hopefully a few ladies. :)


This week I'm in lovely (but bankrupt, boooo) California. I'll be in the golden state doing photo shoots, video shoots, and I'll be making an appearance at a convention where I'll be slinging some photography software. Yeehaw! I'm pretty excited since I'm already suffering withdrawals from the Seattle shoot I participated in just a few weeks ago (see post Unfortunately I won't be surrounded by the beautiful solo girls, but apparently California has some pretty hot gals, right? I'll have to find me a few. ;)


Less than a week after I return home to the east coast, I'll be flying back to California to visit family for Thanksgiving.  My parents just moved back to the town where I graduated high school... going to see some people I haven't seen in over 7 years. This is going to be an interesting one! Nostalgic and possibly explosive, haha. Who knows?! I'll make sure to keep the updates coming here and my blog at


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