Monday, October 3, 2011

Roll the Dice (blog)

Whew! What a month, September. From east coast to Vegas, back home, and Seattle. It was a busy month but was super productive, apart from those 4 days in Vegas. Who can be productive in Vegas? So many distractions.

Vegas began as work travel, where I took photos for a couple days... then my girlfriends arrived and all hell broke loose. It's a bit hard to describe all that happened, since for much of it I was inebriated (hehe!) but from what I can tell it was a grand time. Oddly enough, my favorite moments were when I was all alone, walking back to my hotel at 5 am two nights in a row. No, they weren't walks of shame; I'm a good girl. I simply ended up staying out later than my girlfriends... I'm hearty like that. I didn't want the fun to end. The only reason I ended up walking home alone was by silly coincidence. A sick friend, crazy Irish men... some way or another I had to leave earlier than I wanted. Either way, walking home on wacky Vegas streets was exciting, scary, and liberating. Cat calls, bright lights, high heels, loud music... it all felt very exciting. I'm not usually like that (and try my darnedest to avoid it), but there was a feeling of independence I hadn't felt for a long time in those walks, so I endured the grit.


Pictures. :)

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