Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big A

As I mentioned a few days previously, I recently discovered photos from a couple adventures I had a couple months ago. Being as busy as I was, I forgot to share... so I'm sharing now.


The last time I went to New York I must have been 13 years old. The only two things I have a clear memory of are the projects (that was a shocker for me coming from a suburban neighborhood) and Radio City Music Hall, home of The Rockettes. Something about knowing that pretty girls with long legs danced inside that building in high heels and pretty costumes really stuck with me. Other than that, NYC was a blur.


Fast forward to 2011, and I finally have the chance to visit once again. I never really could understand the phrase “concrete jungle” until I arrived into the heart of Manhattan. It is an odd feeling knowing that the entire plot of land you are standing on is covered in buildings, sewage systems, and asphalt... among other things. Strange to feel that you are a tiny bit of flesh and bone, amongst hard infrastructure. The smells along the streets ranging from putrid to divine are fun to decipher... and even better when you can pinpoint (the divine smells, that is).


I spent only 2 night there, but what a busy and eventful 2 days were had. There is so much going on within such a small plot of earth that it's hard to sleep. Literally, I felt like I needed no sleep, and was not tired. Whether it was the exhaust, or lack of greenery I'm unsure... but I felt buzzed all the while.


Oh, and the food. Wow. The food was fantastic. Ducked into a tiny French bistro for a quick soup and salad... gazpacho and organic greens with homemade dressing... YUM. So simple but executed so well.



After awhile though, the city started to wear on me. I started to realize that living in a place like that would probably drain me of all life, in no time. I wanted to go home. It was a trip that left me hating and loving the infamous city, all at the same time.

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