Monday, August 29, 2011

Tie me up (blog and pics)

Just a few days ago I did my first bondage photo shoot. I was unsure what to expect, as I've never been tied up. I was a bit worried I'd feel weird or frightened, or just totally uncomfortable. The truth is, it felt rather normal! Kind of enjoyed it, actually. Sure, it was more of a challenge maneuvering and posing with ropes wrapped around my arms, chest, and legs... but it challenged me, and I like to be challenged.

I don't know how many different styles of roping were done, but the woman who did tie me up (four separate times) had been doing bondage for over 9 years. The ropes were rather beautiful. Neatly layered and tied. I should have paid more attention to how she was doing it, but we were talking the whole time. Next time I'm going to tell her to show me what she is doing as she ties me, so I can pick up a new skill. Hog tie men! Muahahaa!

My favorite thing was the marks the ropes left on my skin when we were done. Some pictures... :)

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