Thursday, August 4, 2011

Deco-lution (blog)

I've recently gone on a home renovation binge. Doesn't sound very exciting for you men folk perhaps, but it certainly whets my whistle. :)

I've been thinking of interesting ideas to implement around my space. Like... what can I do to enhance all the best parts of my coffee table, and replace all the ugly parts? The top is upholstered in a black pleather, and the bottom is a nice base of dark wood. I've been thinking; How cool would it be if I had a glass case on the top instead of the pleather? The kind of glass case that has a hinged door so you can place things inside. Cool idea, right? So... where does one find such a thing?

This process of trying to creatively enhance my space, rather than simply buying new furniture or decorations has turned me into a bit of a detective. On clue leads me to the next. I've got a raging clue! (If you know what that's from, you're awesome.)

Project #1... refinish the ugly dark wood electric fireplace. Hmmmm. Any suggestions?


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