Monday, August 8, 2011

Broken Things (blog)

Do you ever have that week where it seems as if all your electronics are breaking? I swear it comes in waves in my home. Maybe I'm too close to some sort of magnetic field. Magneto!? Last week my phone was glitching, Adobe Creative Suites decided to crap out on me, my desktop computer said “Hi, your solid state drive is no longer kosher for me to access,” my DVR stopped working in the middle of new recordings and live TV, the wires fell out of my car speakers and the subwoofer is busted... making a thumping noise. What the...? This all happened in two days. Am I being punished? Smite-ed? Sure seems like it...

On a similar note, as I've been trying to repair all these issues I'm assimilating new skills. Usually, that's how it goes. Something breaks, I have no idea how to fix it, I learn a completely new skill set in order to solve the problem... until the next thing breaks. Sometimes I feel like throwing everything in the garbage and holding onto the bare essentials. My possessions can all get too stressful! Sounds bratty, I know... but it's TRUE.

You may want to go dumpster diving in my neighborhood before to long. You might find some valuables. :P

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