Monday, August 15, 2011

Blood, Sweat, and Tears... (OK maybe not the blood and tears so much.) (Blog)

I did it! I painted the ugly electric fireplace. It took a lot of sweat and even burnt the tops of my shoulders in the process (pesky sun rays), but I am quite pleased with the result. Also, the massive amounts of spraypaint from primer and paint color made me pretty loopy over the last couple days. Was covered in spray paint by the end of it. No matter, I still felt like a warrior princess. ;)

It's not 100% done, as I still have to repaint the metal frame that attaches to the metal works. Looks much better, and much less dreary. More girly, hehe... which I've been wanting. For some reason, a lot of my furniture is very masculine. Working on departing from that...

Here is a photo, before and after. Now to get working on that headboard...

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