Monday, August 1, 2011

Android... you hurt so good. (blog)

Android Phone Update!

I've developed a love/hate relationship with my new phone. Sometimes I want to kiss it, sometimes I want to smack it. I spent three solid days from wake to sleep on the phone, rooting, installing, customizing, and other things. It actually felt odd when I finally emerged from my apartment to get a bite to eat. The outside air felt unfamiliar.

My main issues came from a few details that were some of the key reasons I bought the phone. First of all, Virgin Mobile decided to lock the phone down... but I took care of that rather quickly. Rooted, baby. Secondly, Skype is not offering video calling on the phone yet. I say YET, but who knows when that will be? The entire reason I bought this phone WAS for video calling on Skype. You can imagine my frustration. There is a work around, but it involves a detailed process that worries me a bit. Also, the mere fact I can't turn on the LED at the same time as the camcorder really pushes my buttons. If I'm going to do something that might damage my hardware, I'm willing to accept the consequences. Don't baby me.

Aside from those facts, I've run into other issues like not being able to turn off the soft key lights when charging at my bedside. Yes there is an app for this, but why the hell would I want to start an app every time I simply want the phone to NOT blind me when sleeping? This lack of customization on the standard Android OS I'm quite disappointed in. Are you listening Android?

On the plus side it's been really nice having such a beautiful screen, an ample camera, and fast everything. Social networking is a breeze, and I'm loving my choice of fun apps in the Android Market. Vignette, ftw!

Anyway... It's a work in progress...



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