Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dinner #FAIL (Blog)

Went to Taco Bell a couple nights ago during a fit of “fast food craving” to order the usual... 2 bean burritos, no onions, extra cheese. They were OUT of beans. W.T.F. Seriously? It's like McDonalds being out of fries. So, after that mess I drove to the grocery store, only to discover they were out of baked chickens (and I really didn't feel like cooking). Mmm, ok. So I wandered the aisles, helplessly hoping to find something decent. I came across frozen TGIFs Mini Hamburgers, decided they looked easy and tasty enough. Went to the checkout line only to have some weird, crazy looking man ahead of me in the line turned around, blatantly staring at me. I did the obligatory shoulder shrug, like “What's your problem” and he continued staring. Creep. So I booked it out of that line and into another. Got home, microwaved my pathetic meal and decided the burgers were absolutely disgusting. Threw them out. Totally battered and bruised, went down the street to the local Chinese joint. They woked up some veggies and crab rangoon for me. Ahhhh... nutrients! Regardless, last night was a dinner FAIL like no other.

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