Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hola Scoundrels!

Hola Scoundrels!

Tis me, Femmey Poo (aka Sugar Tits).

So I bet you're curious what is going on with my solo site, eh? Well, I'm here to give you the low down. Currently, I'm in talks with the designer on look/feel/layout... which is uber exciting for me since I'm a designer by profession. I also sent the designer a large folder of images to play with on the site. He can't have too bad of a day job if he is receiving folders full of my best images, hehe. I haven’t seen any layouts yet, but I'm confident that what I'm given will more than suffice. Hopefully I'll get some type of update this week, and if I do, you can be sure I’ll be telling you about it! Maybe even some sneak peeks? Hmm... we will see if you behave well enough for such a privilege.

I would describe social networking as a friendly virus, and I've definitely caught the bug. I have too many profiles to count now, and updating them has been a bit of a rush for me. You can see links to some of my social sites at So far, my favorite service is Posterous. Clean, neat, easy, and powerful. I dig! And highly recommend you check it out. Seems kind of sparse, but once you get into the gears you'll see it's quite useful.

Apart from that I've been busy with photoshoots... REALLY busy. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I've been doing about 2 a week for the past few months. It takes a lot of pain, time, and energy, but wow is it worth it! I'm so proud of the fresh, sexy, high quality content I'll be bringing to my site ( Speaking of, I'd also love photoshoot ideas if anyone is interested in throwing some at me. I'm all ears.


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